Your Vibes will attract your tribe as will your tribe effect vibe

Vibration is the underlying factor behind everything .

Everything in the universe is Vibrating along with us even according to the modern day physicist. So all life is vibrating as is the universe and everything in it.

Depending on the rates of vibration depends on the form things take.

Included in this vibration are our thoughts positive and negative .

Thoughts are things that we create in our mind, dreams ,desires

beliefs ,realities ,fears ,Doubts, perspectives and constructs of

how we see feel about the world around us.

we start learning at a young age this adds to creating our belief and value systems along with our conditioning. As we move through life our thoughts will almost certainly create our perspective of reality this takes form mentally, physically and emotionally.

An example maybe if I think I am afraid of heights everything in my experiance will take place . Firstly emotional responce a reaction of fear takes place from the unconscious mind. As I go up high I feel physical discomfort ,my mind creates limiting beliefs ,mental doubt about this whole experiance .

Yet another person will just climb high without any reaction .

Why because there mind has a totally different perspective of this same situation .

when we create in our mind Limiting beliefs and fears we narrow down possibilities in life because of the doubt and fear. These beliefs create thoughts of Uncertainty and even maybe create a lack confidence and self esteem .

So not only do we limit our own possibilities we also may limit social interactions that may cause us to feel uncomfortable in certain situations giving off vibrations of uncertainty of particular enviroments .These can leave us feeling powerless even stoping us progressing our career relationships along with social interactions because of feeling unconfortable and uncertain .

However the good news is our minds can be reprogrammed to overcome fear and doubt of many things that are holding back our lives .

However we need to have fear and this is positive because it is a protecting process that our mind has to save us from endangerment like a self security system to look after us and to protect us .However it can become to over protective and when this happens we find it difficult to manage in certain situations or challenges etc .

However if these beliefs fears doubts dont serve us any longer and are blocking areas in our lives from moving forward then by changing the meaning and constructs we attach to these experiances the experiance of these situations and challenges can change .Making these challenges a whole lot easier .

When we move on

to Change the way we think about things,The things we think about will change.

change the way you see the world the world will change

As dose our vibration and thoughts emotions turning what was an idea of fear to courage .

uncertainty to certainty ,restraint to freedom .because of this we find ourselves more able to cope with what stressed us before to leave us feeling calm and confident .

Alon with when we make these changes it can help build more self confidence. higher self worth. feelings of achievment and having more possibilities to do what previously could not be done .

So how dose all that effect your vibe and your tribe .

We attract that which we think about or focus on as in the (Law of attraction )as well as that which we are. By focusing on what we dont want we attract more of the same .This happens because the mind attracts that which it dwells upon .

Example of this could be most people who are active alchoholics will attract the same people to socialise and drink with them as they associate very much with each other .

They wont often attract non drinkers tribes .Same also applies to successful people and happy people who wish to be around like minded people these vibes attract the same tribe .

A typical example of this is when we engage life with a positive attitude and thinking about things the (vibrations) we create start to attract are the same coming back .

As I think so shall I become ,Master Jesus

Positive people like to be around positive people they just atract to the same tribe

who will be looking to grow ,work towards happiness ,contentment ,success what ever that maybe for them . The way which we are is the way we conditioned ourselves to be .

What we believe to be true is true to us because we believe that .I can do or I cant do

one letter T makes whole difference experiance to our lives .

yet this is true because of perspectives (Paradigms )How we see the world.

It can help in life to keep an open mind and positive laugauge patterns.

Remember what is your vibe if you want be in a great tribe ,

Being open to everything attached and to nothing can also save ourself from disappointment of expectations goals we set ourselves and dont achieve them straight away .

This can be because of challenges and failures which are perspectives also.

As well to think your full of unlimited potential and a great work in progress a these times.

This way you simply can never get it wrong your just living the best you can .

Staying positive is important ,as your vibe will definetly attract your tribe and your tribe will effect your vibe .

WELL POSITIVE Breaks changing peoples lives !!

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