Let me tell you how a walk literally changed my life! Before coming to Well Positive , I was living a life of substance abuse, isolation, terrible fears, agoraphobia and crippling panic attacks.

I had a fear of heights which even got so bad that I was unable to get up the stairs.

My life was hopeless, pointless and I just wanted it to stop because it was horrific. That much I knew. However, that was all I knew. I couldn't seem to do life in any shape or form. I thought perhaps I'd have some therapy sessions and knew they would be out of this world because Andy is constantly educating himself on the latest techniques as well as wing deeply intuitive. Perhaps some gentle strolls. Ha. Little did I know. Each day we would start early and head out for a "walk' and each day they became a bit more difficult as I rapidly got fitter. I could scramble with the best of them. Go up high. Look down. Jog. Go against the clock and go by myself. Wonderful I hear you say. However, the miraculous things about these adventures is that they mirror the difficulties of life.

Fantastic life coaching and encouragement each part of the way. After merely the first day I had so much evidence, real solid evidence that only actions can give you. My heart began to soar. All I knew on that first day was that I didn't want to go back to where I was emotionally, spiritually and physically. I knew I trusted Andy and when he told me I was capable of anything I believed him and after the first day, I began to  believe myself. Each day I'd come back from my adventure with a wealth of self knowledge and less and less fear, until, finally none. From someone with absolutely no self worth, miming through life, I know that I am confident, brave, reliable, energetic.

I am truly blessed. Everybody and I mean everybody deserves to have this in their lives no matter what they are going through. Why? Simply because it works. Adventure Therapy is Well Positive x